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La Stone Therapy 

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy is a most unique experience; you will be amazed at the deeply profound healing sensation, and of feeling nurtured while having this treatment. The La-Stone Massage treatment, offers a deeply cleansing, relaxing and spiritual treatment.The use of hot stones produces both sedating and re-energizing responses within the body. La-Stone is able to reach deeper levels of healing than a regular massage. This wonderful massage, restores a sense of well-being, and will restore a sense of wholeness. 
Geothermotherapy is the applications of hot and chilled stones on the body, for the purpose of changing the physiological response, within the body to promote healing The circulation is rapidly changed with Geothermotherapy, and if circulation is increased then so are nutrition, and the way every cell in the body responds, to the alternating temperature being applied. 
la stone masage

Circulation is key to health 

It is believed that when you increase the blood flow, through the skin, detoxification is increased, supporting the Liver, bowel, Kidneys, and the Lymphatic and Circulation systems. All areas of the body respond for 72 hours after treatment, during which healing occurs within the body. When using both heated and chilled stones in a massage, you are accelerating the exchange of blood, lymph and digestive fluids in the body, thus increasing the blood flow to the area the stones are applied. 
Chilled/cool stones on an inflamed area will facilitate the removal of toxins, and inflammation, thus encouraging a healing response deep within the body's system. 

What conditions are La-stone therapy used for 

Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Tension, Anxiety, 
Headaches, Pain Relief, P M T, Exhaustion, Migraine, 
Arthritis, Rheumatism, R .S. I, Stiffness, Asthma, 
Menopause Poor Circulation,Back Pain, Muscle Pain, 
Sports Injuries, Work Related Injuries, M S, Fibromyalgia. 
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